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Avighna India Limited is a leading real estate company in India. The group commands worldwide attention for continually setting new benchmarks in the premium niche market.

International Expertise

Avighna India Ltd. has a proven track record of continuous growth for nearly three decades. Founded in Sharjah in 1987, we commenced our business with the trading of liquid petroleum products. The business was later expanded to shipping and cargo business, which broadened our reach to corners of the globe. This attitude of adaptability ushered in a wave of success as the company expanded rapidly across industries.

Indian at Heart

In 1999, the company relocated to Mumbai and was reincarnated as Avighna India Ltd. Steeped in cultural heritage, the name Avighna is synonymous with Lord Ganesha, the God of new ventures. Realizing the need for quality luxury homes, we stepped into the real estate sector to explore this business opportunity. Each of Avighna’s creation is a testimony of our commitment towards excellence and introducing our customers to a global lifestyle.

Focused Strategy

Our success has been a result of the focused approach maintained in each of our business activity. The strategy to work only on a select number of projects ensures full commitment of our excellent team at Avighna. This has also resulted in a speedy and on-time delivery of projects as against the market dynamics.

Commitment towards Quality

At Avighna, we do not make any compromises. Right from the architects and engineers to the construction practices and materials, we choose nothing but the best: therefore everything we deliver is superior. Previous projects such as the remarkable Nishika Terraces are the testaments of this philosophy. Each of our creation is a testament of Avighna’s guiding principle of keeping function over form and quality over quantity.

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