Details that Differentiate - One Avighna Park

Details that Differentiate

A striking feature of property in Worli, is the presence of artistic and aesthetic artifacts in and around the premises. You can see as an example, a combination of minimalism and modernism which is the key focus to ensure One Avighna Park met all the requirements of truly creating a landmark.


Individual Sky Villa privacy and better support for the eco-decks was achieved through the evolution of their design. As the deck of one of the rooms was originally designed to be cantilevered, an aesthetic structural support system was required. An ingenious solution in terms of a ‘screen wall’ was evolved. This wall was to act as a structural bracket support system, which enabled the eco-deck to take on a heavier load. It also solved the issue of privacy faced by the resident from the deck of the floor above.


The impressive lofty porte-cochère is the sole entrance to both wings of One Avighna Park. Designed to lead into the 15,000 square feet lobby, the aim of giving it such large proportions is to render it awe-inspiring and ensure it facilitates the smooth movement of traffic entering and exiting One Avighna Park. A structural and engineering feat in terms of a 100-foot high structural column, nicknamed ‘The Atlas’, has been designed to support a floating podium of over 9,000 square feet of the 9th level.


The final design of the crown will become a structurally functional, innovative and aesthetic feature of the tower. It has been designed to house a tropical oasis with drought tolerant vegetation. The crown will be a symbolic representation showcasing One Avighna Park’s commitment to being environmentally responsible. It represents a passion towards sustaining it for future generations. This glorious creation, towering 61 storeys above the ground will be visually breathtaking. The grid structure has been planned to serve two purposes. It not only reduces the wind factor on the plantation at such heights, but also serves to support the tower’s 3 BMU cranes and their movements on the tracks built atop the structural grid.

The Grand Entrance Lobby

One Avighna Park’s lobby is an experience in itself. In an unprecedented move in the world, this entrance features a grand chandelier made of 54074 crystals all the way from Asfour Crystal Company in Egypt to the heart of Mumbai. These crystals are pear-shape and each one of them is 40 mm in size. A record-breaking feat for any enterprise, if the strings of these crystals are connected, they will cover an area of a whopping ~8859 feet (2.7 kms). The height of this magnum opus creation is 3.9 meter and weighs 5407kg. Another proud aspect for this feat is the projector lights. These lights are focused at one angle and the crystals in the chandelier have been fitted in such a way that as the light hits them, it is carried to all the crystals. This reduces the requirement of lighting and thereby, conserves electricity. The designer for this chandelier is Mr. Pronit Nath (Urban Studio) and the structural certificate has been obtained from Mahimtura.

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