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I am currently living in South Mumbai, so why should I shift to One Avighna Park at Lower Parel?


Are you satisfied with the badge value of a South Mumbai address? Are you satisfied with the amenities offered at your residential space – like car parking, comfort zones, apartment size etc.? How much of your valuable time is invested in reaching Mumbai’s key destinations?

Located in close proximity to Mumbai’s hot-spot locations is Lower Parel a prime location for residential projects. Marking your address in this prime locale not just connects you with the city’s key destinations but also keeps you rooted to the cheerfulness of metro life.

  • Standing tall in the heart of Lower Parel is One Avighna Park, a residential landmark enjoying excellent connectivity to the city’s prime travel points. Imagine the time you would save while driving to and from work. Instead of spending hours in traffic jams, you can enjoy a quality time with your loved ones each day. You could use your leisure hours to take an evening stroll around our valley garden with your parents and ease out your daily work hustles
  • Bandra Kurla Complex and Nariman Point are just 20 min drive away
  • In just 5 mins you can drive to Palladium, Atria, PVR Cinemas etc. for premium shopping and entertainment. Walk in to the most luxurious hotels and socializing joints just within the reach of your residence.
  • With Mumbai’s reputed schools just minutes away from One Avighna Park, your kids future are assured in safe hands. Also, a wide range of outdoor and indoor amenities are designed specifically to entertain their leisure hours
  • Rub shoulders with your elite neighbours and friends at Mumbai’s prestigious clubs like – The Willington Sports Club, the Royal Western India Turf Club etc
  • Where else can you get breath-taking and uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea and enjoy the city’s vast skyline. Take in the scenic views of Mahalaxmi Race Course and the spectacular Bandra-Worli Sea Link from your Sky Decks
  • As your family expand and your little ones turn into the responsible adults, privacy becomes an essential need. We assure you of your privacy at One Avighna Park
  • One Avighna Park is a legacy that can be passed down in your family, unlike the older buildings in South Mumbai that are bound to be redeveloped. Future generations in your family will appreciate your vision and foresight.
  • Lower Parel as a residential area offers you more value for money and a better quality of life compared with South Mumbai.


We know that the current approach road does not live up to a marquee address that One Avighna Park is bound to become. But please don’t worry because several positive changes are in the pipeline.

  • The low-end retail stretch you see today caters to the present needs of the area. Naturally, with changing needs and the high opportunity cost, they will be replaced by supermarkets, banks, ATMs and much more.
  • Mahadev Palav Marg and Ambedkar Road will be widened by ~62 ft and by ~22ft.The primary access road, Mahadev Palav Marg, is presently 70 ft wide, but it will be widened to 130 ft- almost double of what you see today. Also the Govt. has proposed to widen the Curry Road flyover.
  • The Govt. has proposed to make Mahadev Palav Marg a one-way for smooth traffic movement. This means lighter load of traffic. However, you can enjoy the comfort of secondary and private access from Ambedkar Road to One Avighna Park
  • Easy access to Mumbai’s first Mono Rail
  • A sky walk is also planned adjacently to One Avighna Park. On completion the residents at One Avighna Park will enjoy an upper hand to avail this infrastructure development
  • We have undertaken the responsibility of beautifying the adjacent approach road by planting more trees and such other environment friendly initiatives

Why does One Avighna Park command a higher premium as against the other developments in Lower Parel?


  • Over the last decade, Avighna’s approach to focus on one project at a time isn’t a coincidence, rather a strategy to develop the very best. Luxury is in the Details– our promoters are themselves involved in the daily works to ensure quality and excellence even in the minute details
  • One Avighna Park is a result of the joint efforts by the excellent team at Avighna India along with internationally acclaimed consultants and designers. The 38 prestigious awards from national and international platforms is a testimony to the excellence maintained at Avighna India – ‘The Best Residential High Rise Development in the World’ by IPA, London
  • We closely monitor our each buyer, so that you will live in a community of like-minded people.
  • We have ensured to use only the best of materials in each of our creation. Imported materials from Europe and America were used to meet the international standards. More than 300 skilled workers from various GCC countries were employed to execute the landmark project
  • World class amenities like banquet hall, conference rooms, a 3 level valley garden podium, a jogging track and private cinema, to name a few.
  • A private 25 ft high garden within your home can significantly enhance the quality of your living! A villa in the Sky, where you can host parties for your friends, enjoy a rare closeness to the skies, and live in the most lavish homes. A Dream Home at an envious location.
  • Not only are our apartments Vastu compliant, but also details related to function, space planning or circulation patterns have been thought through in detail – be it the service routes from the kitchen to the garbage chutes, designated space for washing and drying or even location of a/c units. Moreover, all apartments have service entrances so the service staff, like the mailman, milkman, vegetable vendors, electricians, gardeners etc. are attended to without intruding your privacy.
  • While other residential projects in the vicinity are still getting their plans approved, all our approvals and clearances are in place. We have completed the construction of all 61 floors in both the towers and our fit-outs are now ready for possession.
  • We have already started the handover of our fit-outs and our first resident has already moved in.

What is your future outlook on the property prices?


Over the long term, real estate prices in Mumbai will certainly see an upswing due to several factors:

  • Lack of Delivery, not supply: Although there is much discussion about a large supply being imminent, ultimately it is delivery that matters. Given the bureaucratic and political environment, there is a huge lag between supply and delivery. Mumbai is a peninsula surrounded by sea on three sides, therefore generating supply to fulfil the demand will always remain a challenge. Owing to the scarce availability of encumbrance-free land in Mumbai, the real estate industry is mainly dependent on the redevelopment of old structures, which is complex, time consuming and challenging.
  • Increased costs: The New DCR has dramatically increased the costs in terms of premiums payable to avail of fungible FSI and all other costs such as borrowing rates, rates of cement, steel etc. have also risen by 50% over the last three years.
  • New Development Control Regulations by MCGM: They have significantly reduced the square footage that one can develop, thereby reducing potential supply.
  • Prices of certain micro-markets: These prices may drop temporarily, but that is often not a good market indicator. For instance, certain groups may want to reduce debt, or foresee a delay in delivery schedules due to the slow approval process and are therefore willing to sell at a lower price.

How price- competent is the maintenance cost for apartments at One Avighna Park as against its counterparts in the same locale?


Get ready for a pleasant surprise -your Monthly Recurring Maintenance cost is going to be significantly lower than the market. Not only do we opt for products that offer quality and longevity, we also negotiate long-term annual maintenance contracts upfront. This certainly comes at a price –our upfront capital costs are significantly higher. But the plus point is benefited in the long run, with lower maintenance cost.

  • One Avighna Park is a Cluster Redevelopment project; therefore you will enjoy substantially lower property taxes for a lifetime
  • One Avighna Park is the first residential tower in Mumbai to be pre-certified “Platinum” by the Indian Green Building Council. Such certifications often have a marketing objective, but the truth is that adherence to Green norms certainly has many benefits such as:
    • Savings from reduced power consumption: Common areas such as floor lobbies and staircases have been designed to have maximum natural light and ventilation. Also, sources of renewable energy (wind and solar) are being explored.
    • Savings from reduced water consumption: A Sewage Treatment Plant is being installed on site, which by recycling waste water will substantially reduce the water requirement. The treated water will be used for flushing, gardening, washing cars etc. In future, water will become increasingly expensive, and this reduced requirement will result in substantial savings. We have also provided 3 bore wells and has installed rainwater harvesting systems. This makes the project less dependent on MCGM’s water supply.
  • AMCs for all equipment have been pre- negotiated for several years so that maintenance costs are kept in control over the long run. For instance, our elevators are zero-maintenance cost for the first 5 years.
  • As part of our long term planning, every resident will mandatorily contribute towards a sizeable “Maintenance Fund”. This fund will be invested in a fixed deposit and the interest will be used to fund the maintenance expenses. This eliminates your need to write monthly cheques.

One Avighna Park will soon be the most sought out residential address in Mumbai. If you’re among the discerning few, you’ll get more than a wonderful new home. You’ll get a whole new life.

What amenities are provided in One Avighna Park?

Outdoor Amenities:

  • Jain derasar with private access, making it unobtrusive
  • 3 level valley podium garden, 100 ft above the ground
  • 0.37 Km Covered Jogging Track
  • Reflexology Path
  • Outdoor gym with panoramic view
  • Leisure And Kids Pool
  • Tennis court
  • Play Area For Toddlers And Kids
  • Yoga/meditation area
  • Pet Zone
  • Amphitheatre
  • Net Cricket
  • Skating Rink
  • Relaxation Areas
  • Poolside Cabanas


Indoor Amenities

  • Banquet hall
  • 30-seat Private Cinema
  • Cafeteria
  • Guest Rooms
  • Yoga And Aerobics Room
  • Spas And Relaxation Rooms
  • Salon
  • Snooker And Pool Lounges
  • Table Tennis And Other Indoor Games
  • Cards Room
  • Indoor Sports Zone (Badminton, Basketball)
  • Squash Court
  • Music And Dance Room
  • Indoor Lap Pool
  • Library And Study
  • Storage Cages
  • Carrom And Chess Area
  • Teen Zone
  • 1 Small Party Hall
  • Virtual Golf Room
  • Indoor Gym (Separate Cardio and Weights area)
  • Experience area (Steam room, Jacuzzi and experiential shower)

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