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Let Your Kids Play!

Filled with laughter, fun, excitement, ambitions and adventures – childhood is the most vibrant phase of life. Childhood is one of our most beautiful and favourite trips down the memory lane. Riding bikes, playing sports, building forts – the exposure to outdoor activities was limitless to a child in the past…about 20 years ago. Most of our sensory world was nature based and more interactive.

Now let’s compare our kids’ childhood with our own journey. How excited is your child in exploring nature and its wonders of life? Thanks to its easy availability and influence, technology is increasingly becoming a preferred companion for your kids. A serious irony you could notice is in the playgrounds – a place that could cheer up and fill the air with your kids’ giggles is slowly losing its attraction and is shadowed by play stations and video gaming zones. Undoubtedly technology is very much an essential to survive and lead in this competitive world, but the under exposure of nature and surroundings especially during the childhood is a serious concern to be thought upon.

While it may look only as a child’s play to you, the activity has much more importance attached to it. A play area is a platform that builds up a child’s physical agility, moulds the social consciousness, confidence and overall personality. However, a critical concern in providing such quality exposure to social life is the limited availability and exclusivity of zones dedicated for children. Distance of parks/gardens from your residence, level of security for your precious little ones, quality of the area and peers etc. are few among these concerns.

However, play area is yet to be fully realized as a crucial amenity in the purchase of residences. So, if you are seeking to buy a home, the availability and exclusivity of areas dedicated for kids should be one of your main priorities. Thanks to the thoughtful approach of realtors, play area is increasingly becoming a key USP in the residential projects. A thoughtful such residence, which has dedicated a area fully for the young tots is One Avighna Park. From Tree House to Magic Mirrors, Wall Climbing zones to Jungle Gyms, Playhouse, Graffiti Walls and Sandpits – the features are endless to keep your little ones entertained at One Avighna Park. Named as ‘Play One’ the kids’ zone at One Avighna Park reflects the very spirit of childhood.

For this reason, we thought of sharing with you all on the five prime benefits of a quality play area:

Physical Agility: One of the main benefits that come with a play area is the exposure to physical activities. Running, skipping, jumping or climbing, a play area gives your kids an open platform to shape and build up their physical agility, at a very young age. Residences like One Avighna Park, have dedicated provisions for wall climbing and jungle gyms that makes the play time more fun-filled and healthy.

Intelligence & Logical Thinking: A three year old stacking blocks into towers not only learns about logic but also gets a hand-on experience to understand the universal truth of gravity and balance. Many outdoor games like building sandpits or the freedom to innovate in play zones like tree-house broadens your child’s creative abilities. This dexterity developed at a very young age can fruitfully benefit your kids in building a positive and practical attitude towards life.

Communication: A common play area brings your child more close to their peer groups. This improves a child’s skill to independently communicate and convey his message or emotions. Thus along with the cognitive abilities, a play area positively develops a child’s skill to communicate and interact not just with the peers but also with the elders and on social platforms.

Social Bonding: As toddlers play, they develop their abilities to interact and understand emotions. This routine helps them to negotiate, bond, cooperate and even share their emotions along with their belongings. Apart from cheering up the young lads, the fun-filled activity is a powerful social bonding exercise for your kids.

Confidence & Self-esteem: It is very important for the young kids to live their childhood and have adequate play time. A play area for a kid is his/her innovative zone, which encourages him/her to take risks without the fear of criticisms or being judged. This interactive zone with openness to social and intellectual bonding is a strong foundation to build a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

A quality social environment thus plays a crucial role in shaping a child into a confident and responsible adult. Rather than just an amenity, a play area is a vital facet that could bring in a positive influence in the upbringing of your young tots.

As an old proverb states, “Childhood is the most beautiful of all seasons”, so let’s give our young lads the best of such opportunities in making their lives more sprightful.

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