Best Residential Project in Mumbai – One Avighna Park
Pinnacle of Thoughtful Perfection

Pinnacle of Thoughtful Perfection


With Mumbai’s finest premium residences, One Avighna Park has redefined the benchmarks of quality living. Pre-certified as a Platinum-rated building by the Indian Green Building Council, One Avighna Park stands tall as an environmentally conscious and responsible project. Each feature at One Avighna Park is carefully designed to ensure a life fully in harmony with the nature.


The Sky Villas at One Avighna Park are designed specifically to receive maximum inflow of sunlight. A similar design strategy is incorporated to illuminate the Podium Gardens and Organic Crown, elevating the aesthetic appeal of each zone.


A conscious effort was made to ensure efficiency in the management of an increasingly scarce resource – water. Initiatives like Sewage Water Reclamation Plants and Rainwater Harvesting are installed to minimize any wastage of water. The 100% good quality treated water is used to fulfill the flushing, gardening and car washing requirements of the residents. This has also minimalized the need for water resources from Municipal Corporation, and has strengthened the project’s self-sufficiency.


Large windows welcome the maximum amount of daylight and reduce the dependence on artificial lighting systems. The use of wind turbines and solar panels play a key role in producing renewable energy to meet the building’s power requirements. An Intelligent Building Management System monitors the building’s central drip irrigation, water supply, and security. Last but not the least, the use of double-glazed thermally insulated glass materials makes the structure more energy efficient by reducing the load on air conditioning systems.

Waste Management

As a green building, One Avighna Park also sets a benchmark in waste management practices. Recycled materials generated during the course of construction in the form of waste concrete and bricks were efficiently used to meet the ground filling and levelling requirements. The landmark residential project is also equipped with an organic waste composter and integrates effective solid waste management practices.


Being earthquake resistant, One Avighna Park ensures maximum safety for its residents against any natural calamities. The hurricane-proof windows and wind tunnels further fortify the home in the high-rise. The use of best-in-class fire-safety systems makes One Avighna Park the safest and best residential project in Mumbai.


The use of sustainable technologies makes One Avighna Park an ideal choice of investment for quality living. The premium systems integrated into the very DNA of the architectural design make One Avighna Park a smart choice of investment for premium residences in Mumbai.

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