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  Jain Derasar Pratistha Ceremony at One Avighna Park The recently hosted Shri Munisuvrat Swami Shikhar Baddha Jain Derasar Pratishtha Ceremony at One Avighna Park premises, Lower Parel (E) was a majorly successful event. Avighna India’s Chairman Shri Kailash Agarwal, Managing Director Mr. Nishant Agarwal and their family, self-funded and conducted the nine-day event, from […]

Let Your Kids Play!

Filled with laughter, fun, excitement, ambitions and adventures – childhood is the most vibrant phase of life. Childhood is one of our most beautiful and favourite trips down the memory lane. Riding bikes, playing sports, building forts – the exposure to outdoor activities was limitless to a child in the past…about 20 years ago. Most […]

Buying a dream home is one of those essentials that top any wish list. Be it your desires to live in a sprawling urban mansion or a premium residence at the most envious location, most of us seek a home that will not just meet our fundamental requirements but also reflect our social status. So […]

Live Life Kingsize!

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it”, said George A. Moore. The quote by the renowned Irish poet has a clear relevance in our daily lives. More than any professional achievement or a social title, home is the only place that gives us a […]

The Transcending Beauty

  How about a ‘wow’ factor? And what if this ‘wow’ factor dazzled you everyday! Welcome to One Avighna Park, where the amazing crystal installation in the grand lobby of the residential tower will take your breath away. Talk about a dazzling first impression, and a lasting first impression. Installed in an ornamental pattern, the […]

Restore, Recycle, Reuse

Scarcity of water has been an alarming concern in Mumbai, especially after the sharp deficit in rainfall last year. With rising consumption levels, there is a shortage of water supply even after normal monsoon, and the situation is only worsening with each passing year. Water cuts, limited hours of water supply and resorting to supplies […]

Located at Lower Parel is One Avighna Park, an awe-striking cluster redevelopment project in Mumbai. The one-of-its-kind residential project in Mumbai, while elevates the sheer essence of luxury homes, also replicates the benefit of a globally renowned form of structural development, for elevating the quality in civic life. Being executed under the model of cluster […]

The sky-touching glamour of residential buildings is often questioned on its commitment towards environment. With residential buildings consuming 30% of the global energy and 40% of our Planet’s resources, practicing sustainability has become a need of the hour for the real estate sector. One Avighna Park, from the project kitty of Mumbai based Avighna India […]

Sky Touching Luxury

Gone are the days when housing was considered just as a fundamental need. A home is much more than that, and is a matter of one’s socio-economic status. Today, it is even a clear reflection of our personality and style statement. Be it in celebrating festivals or in sharing a candid tête-à-tête, we like our […]

As the city’s first cluster redevelopment project, One Avighna Park would not just be creating a high-end residential benchmark. It would also set a new standard by effectively rehabilitating the surrounding area. One of the important mandates was to integrate eco-friendly and environmentally responsible practices and processes into the construction. Therefore, environmentally responsible practices of […]

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